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Gongs for Healing

The Gong is a very powerful sound healing tool as it is said to produce the “Aum” sound, the original sound of the universe. Other than the Aum tones, the gong also produces every other sound frequency within and beyond our hearing range, that is impossible for the conscious mind to analyse and as a result the mind is forced to shut down its chatter and become still. When we first listen to the Gong, we hear it physically through our ears and then feel it vibrating in our whole body, turning our entire body into an ear and massaging every cell of our body.

Everything in nature has its own note at which it resonates when in peak condition, this includes the human body and every organ in the body. During a gong healing session, all parts of the body are forced to “entrain” to the gong sounds, which means, a more powerful tone (gong sounds) will impose itself on a weaker tone (dis-eased! or out of tune part of the body) and will literally raise the frequency of the weaker tone and resonate at the same pitch later on. So, the gong literally “lifts” and “tunes” your entire being to vibrate again at peak condition (healthy).

“The sound will carry you beyond your fears. The pressure (of the vibration of the gong) will release the nervous system of many illnesses… To regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system, nothing is more powerful than the sound of the gong.”

Gong and Yoga

Gong Yoga uses the sound of the gong in association with classical yoga practices to create a state of spontaneous meditation and therapeutic relaxation that facilitates the movement of prana (vital life energy) through the body for healing and to awaken the consciousness for transformation.

The use of the gong in yoga and meditation can be linked back in time to Northern India where it was played by Kundalini Yoga masters to awaken the intuitive faculties and create a transcendent state of being. While the gong is still intimately associated with Kundalini Yoga in the west, it is essentially the instrument of Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound that underlies all yoga practices and traditions. The Gong is truly the instrument of the Yogi.

“The gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind. There is only one thing that can supersede and command the human mind-the sound of the gong. It is the first sound in the universe, the sound that created this universe. It is the basic creative sound. To the mind, the sound of the gong is like a mother and father that gave it birth. The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played.”

-Yogi Bhajan-

The Gong is a natural portal to meditation and an ideal way to end a holistic yoga session.

About the Gong!

Discovered during the bronze age, accidentally by people 6000 yrs. ago at the bottom of bread baking ovens in Sumeria (Iran), the gong found its way through many ancient cultures in India, China, Vietnam, Japan, Greece, Bali and Java. In ancient times, they used gongs for religious rituals, feasts, for announcing arrival of royalty, exorcise evil spirits, to frighten enemies, bring rain, and assist the dying on the journey to the next world and as spiritual aid for meditation and altering of consciousness. In 600 BC, Gautama Buddha, realized the power of the Gong and send 26 of his monks all over Tibet and India to inscribe on every gong in the region, these two Chinese Mandarin alphabets “Tai Loi” meaning, “happiness has arrived” Gautama Buddha before taking maha samadhi told his closest monks that the next incarnation of Buddha will be called “Maitreya” meaning “loving kindness” and “holistic resonance”.


The gong is the symbol of Maitreya Buddha.

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Gong Bath

What is Gong Bath therapy?

When the Gong is played well it bathes the human body in sound – this is why we use the term “Gong bath” to describe this type of therapy – the recipient is literally bathed in the sounds of the Gong. There is no water involved & no clothes are removed! It is like a very deep and lasting massage with sound, tuning the physical body and soul to the greatest possible resonance, while totally letting go. It is usually experienced lying down on your back, receiving the sound energy of the Gong as it is played moving through the nervous system – opening, clearing and recharging the whole mind, body and spirit. It triggers a meditative, contemplative state in which we have the opportunity to relinquish control of the mind. Negativity and chaos are suspended, irregularity and resistance are cleared, and the whole being is reset to a state of synchrony and alignment.

What happens to the person being gonged?

During a Gong bath the body takes in the sounds that it needs for healing, & filters out what it does not need. The usual result of a Gong bath is that the person being gonged feels very calm, relaxed & de-stressed, & often goes into a state of meditation automatically, where healing can more readily occur. Some physical aches & pains might have disappeared, or may lessen or vanish subsequently as the sounds of the Gong continue to do their work long after the Gong bath has finished. It works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. The Gong is thus a very powerful instrument for healing.

How is a typical Gong Bath session structured?

A session takes about 1 hour which i always start with a short prayer and then people lie down on their back on a comfortable mat or matress followed by a easy guided meditation for relaxing them and preparing them to recieve the gong sounds for the next 45 mins. The gong sounds are complemented by periodically introducing other healing instruments into the session like the tibetan singing bowls, tingsha, conch shell, rattles, native american flute, jews harp, chimes, etc. and mantra chanting with shruti box. At the end of the session people are carefully guided back to body awareness and breath and slowly and gently brought back from their journey. Feedbacks are shared later on and people can go on to take refreshments, drink water etc.

Who can participate in a Gong Bath?

Everybody generally can benefit from a gong session.

However children under age of 7, pregnant women in their first or final months of pregnancy and people with serious mental health problems as well as people who have had a heart attack before are advised not to take part.

Please note: A gong bath is not an alternative for medical treatment but a good complement for a healthy revival of mind, body and spirit.

What instruments will you use in the Gong bath?

I will use a various selection of healing instruments in complement to the high quality Paiste planet gongs which will be used very intuitively during the session.

32″ planet gong mercury,28 “planet gong Venus, tibetan singing bowls, tingsha, bells, Native American flute,Shruti box, Jews harp, rattles, bird flutes, sansula, xylophone, conch shell and more…

What do i need to organise a gong session at my space?

I offer small group sessions with min 5 person and max 10 in a group. I also offer individual & couples sessions on request.

You need to provide me with:

  • A space that is silent and preferably an indoor room or hall.
  • Comfortable Mat or mattress, a cushion for the head and a blanket for each person.

Please contact me for the price and any more information.


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